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Protect critical infrastructure with our open source based cybersecurity solution.
Take the next step towards safely applied IOT/IIOT within your business.

The idea behind Sec3

Increasing digitalisation and globalisation are opening up new opportunities for industrial companies. Technology platforms are increasingly uniting IT and OT data systems across various industries. Additionally, AI enhances machine data analysis and central comparison, optimizing and expanding products and services. 

However, this networking also raises security risks. In addition, there are demographic and labour market effects that require work processes to be optimised. Sec3 exceeds all these requirements and combines remote service, firewall and IoT edge device in one single system. 

Building Bridges

Developed in industrial environment

Sec³ is an example of a successful combination of Austria's cutting-edge research & regional integrators and (further) developers as well as market leading industries.

Sec3 emerged from several research projects. Among other things, it is based on the "Security by Isolation" security system, which isolates different company and production areas from one another in order to control the flow of communication via virtual machines in demilitarised zones.

With LiSEC (world market leader in the development and manufacture of glass processing machines) joining the FFG lighthouse project IoT4CPS as a user, the project received significant input and requirements from an internationally active industrial company. With Sec3, X-Net managed to bridge the gap between research (e.g. Austrian Institute of Technology, Salzburg Research) and industry and successfully acted as an integrator, implementer, (further) developer and marketer.

Increasing the efficiency of remote services

Provides the basis for AI-based analysis tools

Provides the basis for QM tools

Sec³ combines THREE functionalities in only ONE device!


Remote Service Device

IoT Edge Device

What makes Sec3 so special?

  • IoT edge device that supports various IoT layers, including in-house ones Incl. own individually configurable firewall
  • Own private cloud and VPN cluster for IoT data and remote maintenance access
  • Simple, centralised and time-saving commissioning, control and configuration using provisioning via LTE
  • Can be customised to the topography of the respective company
  • Access control and audit log for remote maintenance access
  • Platform-independent and open source based software that can be flexibly adapted to local conditions and future applications future applications
  • No licence limitation (unlimited number of number of devices, users and VPN access VPN access per system)

The Sec³ system of X-Net offers maximum security for your machines and IoT devices and convinces with quick initial installation, configurations only via the company's own Sec³ cloud, coordination of the remote maintenance of your components via company's own Sec³ hubs with video documentation and modern encryption. Sec³ - that is where operational Technology (OT) meets classic Information Technology (IT) in a highly secure way and where both disciplines complement each other.


A brief overview.

Secure transmission

of the collected machine and meta data on the supplier/subcontractor/customer including secure machine2machine communication.

No license limitation

Unlimited number of machine networks, users and VPN access per system.

Secure access to machines

through SBI (Security by Isolation). The Sec³ device acts as a firewall and gateway in the customer network. This enables a clear separation between office and production network, within the production network and the monitoring and logging of access to and from the production network.

Fast initial installation

The complete configuration takes place in the central Sec³ core. The individual Sec³ boxes are delivered with individual certificates and automatically receive the allocation remotely as soon as the Sec³ box receives an Internet connection from the customer.

Reliability through redundancy

The optional emergency box prevents machine downtime in the event of a fault.

Advantages and particularities

  • independent of any platform and based 100% on open source components
    • can easily be customized to the respective needs of a company
    • enables own private in-house cloud solutions for remote maintenance and IoT services
  • enhanced security for your critical infrastructure
    • offers enhanced security for machines and (I)IoT devices thanks to modern encryption techniques, logging of VPN connections and audit logs
    • by using Security by Isolation (SbI), access is only granted to a selected area of ​​the machine network
    • configurations are exclusively performed via the company's own centralized and secure Sec³ Core
  • easy, secure and homogeneous remote maintenance and support
    • any remote maintenance of components are audited in Sec³ core
    • each connection is done via the company's own Sec³ hubs
    • includes "third-party maintaining" with access control (restricted access for subcontractors)
    • provides homogeneous access to inhomogeneous environments (Windows, Linux, different remote desktop technologies, etc.)
  • Sec³ boxes as remote maintenance, firewall and edge device
    • simple and time-saving initial installation of Sec³ boxes (remote provisioning via LTE)
    • Sec³ enables life cycle management including analysis, remote maintenance and extensions
    • can be used in any industrial environment (fanless hardware)
  • Sec³ is an European IT solution for a secure Europe

One System - as individual as your needs and demands.

Sec³ is 100% Open Source based and can therefore be expanded in many ways.

The Box - some technical facts